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Three Viewings is a smart way to kick off a new company. Three separate monologues, each half-an-hour long and needing minimal sets and ensemble rehearsal — it’s an obvious choice. Yet the three actors and director Jen Tidwell do far-from-predictable things with Hatcher’s sublimely eloquent, conversational prose, turning these three funeral viewings into three captivating stories about love and death, with both sweet comedy and a bittersweet twist.

Throughout, Tidwell’s skilled but restrained hand gave unity and architecture to the monologues, with some nicely-structured lighting adding drama....

Tacoma Weekly

Director Jen Tidwell keeps a brisk but not frantic pace, the characters are well-contrasted and convincing in their real-world problems (frustration at your job, a longing for childhood, betrayal of trust), and there’s some amusing choreography and physical comedy.

Tacoma Weekly, for [title of show]

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She Kills Monsters, as directed by Jen Tidwell (with charmingly lo-fi fight sequences designed by Kendra Pierce), is a wonderfully delightful show, which becomes unexpectedly emotional as the play moves along

Weekly Volcano

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